• How does a complete wardrobe look like?

    How does a complete wardrobe look like?
    If you are looking to curate the perfect wardrobe or revamp your style you must start with a clear plan. While perfection is subjective and can never be achieved in a true sense you still can have a completely fulfilling wardrobe. What makes your closet perfect? Everything boils down to selection, versatility, and comfort. You need to invest in the clothes you like 100%....
  • How to dress for your body type?

    How to dress for your body type?
    People have been really "woke" with body positivity awareness lately. The body type or shape depends mostly on genetics, gender, and lifestyle. Fashion demands confidence and love for own style. You can be dressed in an absolutely lovely outfit but cannot nail it unless you love yourself in that. It is about fitting, colors, patterns, and fabrics as much as it is about credence,...
  • How to style peg trousers?

    How to style peg trousers?
    Stretchable trousers, closely fitted and tapered off towards the ankle are peg trousers. Peg trouser is the synonym of versatility. The fit is generally wide around the hips and enclasps the lower body perfectly. The peg trouser trend has popped up this season. From boho-chic look to formal at a glance, peg trousers are very adaptable. There are stunning ways to combine these trousers...
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