18 Reasons Why Branded Clothes are Expensive

Branded clothes are an important part of our contemporary fashion culture. Big names like Gucci, Versace etc, feature in everyone's dream list.

They are present all over social media.

Designer clothing can be defined as clothes made by high-end luxury brands. These types of clothes and apparel are commonly made from quality materials, expensive, and custom-made.

But the first question that comes to our mind regarding branded clothes is 'why are they so expensive?'

Reasons for the high cost of branded clothes

1. Exclusive materials

Designer brands never employ synthetic fibres in their apparel, in contrast to quick fashion factories. For their bags, for instance, Hermes and Louis Vuitton use real animal leather. These materials are significantly superior to what other cheap businesses can provide.

To assure their customers' comfort, most designer clothing is made from real organic and natural fibres like silk, cotton, wool, and linen.

This naturally leads to a price rise.

2. Quality

Designer brands give utmost importance to the quality of everything they are using. High quality leads to high manufacturing costs.

Sometimes to emphasise its design, designer clothes also utilise pricey jewellery like diamonds and gold. Another factor contributing to the price increase is these additions.

The work behind the scenes is also very costly when it comes to branded things. They put time and care into each product they create. Branded products are tested many times, for example, zippers are opened and closed several times to test their strength.

A lot of money is spent on manufacturing the products through quality processes, reflected in the price.

branded clothes are COSTLY BY Radhella

3. Perfect fit and cut

Branded materials need to be made by highly trained tailors and workers. Cuts and fits are very important for a brand. They can't take a chance with ordinary craftsmanship.

For instance, a quality pair of jeans' cut and fitting can support you through weight gains of up to 15 pounds; they are always comfortable, maintain their form and colour, and don't sag or stretch out after a few washes or wears.

Why do you think when you put on a truly fine coat that fits well, it appears so sharp and impeccable that it attracts compliments and draws people's attention to you?

It's because another, less expensive coat can never give that look or feel.

Why branded clothes are costly- RADHELLA

4. Increased Labour Costs

High-end brands frequently employ workers from America and Europe.  Labour fees on these continents are very high.

Another consideration is the number of individuals working on a single design. The pipeline for the designer brand, which requires a significant salary, is worked on by a sizable number of individuals.

Fashion designers, seamstresses, and those who grow the materials don't have low-paying employment. They have also been paid appropriately because they are working on a luxury brand.

 5. Exclusivity

Luxury companies profit from consumers' need for exclusivity. These firms provide their customers with one-of-a-kind clothes because their items are meant to appeal to upper-class people.

A few marketing techniques, including reducing the quantity of the clothes or designating it as a collector's items, are likely to gratify customers.

Although exclusivity isn't limited to a certain number of products, it can be seen in the materials that high-end brands choose to use. A price markup may be high if they are intending to import a pricey item of jewellery for a clothing collection.

 6.Target Customers

There is no doubt that the intended market for these designer labels is upper-class or wealthy individuals. They also adjust the numbers on the price tag by the type of demographic they are looking for.

The majority of designers charge between a few hundred and thousands of dollars. Rich people will buy these clothes even though the price is expensive for the majority of people to display their riches and position.


Why branded clothes are expensive RADHELLA

7. Cost of advertisement

The foundation of any firm is its branding and promotion. Companies will run campaigns and advertisements to promote their branding to demonstrate to the public how opulent and unique their items are.

They only signify one thing for the clothing—a higher price. Advertising campaigns can cost anywhere from a few thousand to many hundreds of dollars. A-list celebrities are frequently used by luxury brands in their advertising, which drives up costs significantly.

Giving its consumers the most opulent experience possible is what Designs Clothing strives on.

8. Business strategy

The costs associated with producing the goods are not necessarily reflected in the product prices. Luxury brands consistently adhere to a very common business model and they often charge what people are willing to pay for it, not necessarily the cost of manufacture.

Plainly said, despite their high quality or high production costs, luxury brand goods aren't always expensive. Because there are still consumers willing to pay for them, they are nonetheless expensive.

9. Haute Fashion

Haute couture is a style of dressmaking in which every stitch of the final product is done by hand. This method is one of the most expensive because it is custom made and typically only one piece of clothing is created.

Many designer brands use the high-end dressmaking technique known as haute couture. They guarantee the piece's quality and exclusivity by hiring well-known designers and tailors.

The clothing that is frequently seen on runways is haute couture garments. They are delicate, manually stitched, and meticulously crafted.

This as a result raises the price of haute couture clothing.

10. Branded clothes change your entire demeanour.

Branded clothes can change the way you look and feel.

You feel awesome in a great pair of branded jeans.

You walk more confidently and comfortably, stand up straighter, and stop questioning if you look good in them because you feel good about them and you are ready to pay a high price for them.

 11. Durability

Branded products are durable and can be maintained in an excellent state for years, even if you wore them multiple times. It’s like everything in life. If you fall in love with a brand, you continue to buy from them, no matter what the price is.

Why branded clothes are expensive

12. Dresses showcases your fashion sense.

In today's world, everything has become global. So has fashion. People want to wear the latest trends, but it is not possible to keep track of the latest trend personally. It is a good idea to trust a brand and depend on it for fashionable clothes.

Branded clothes manufacturers know the best about the current fashion trends. They design their clothes accordingly and hence are expensive.

13. Consistent identity.

High-class people love to have a unique identity. Their brands give them a separate identity. They are known for the particular brands they wear. The brands become reliable. They trust the brands to design their outfits for every occasion. It gives them peace and satisfaction. Brands charge high for all these unique clothes. 

14. Uniqueness

Very often designers design single pieces. People possessing them can flaunt them with no chance of another person wearing the same outfit. People who prefer exclusive wardrobe collections opt for designer clothes. Uniqueness leads to higher costs and prices.

15. Rich heritage

Brands are not made in a day. Brands are created in years.

Brands have a rich heritage that has been passed from celebrity to celebrity and from wealthier people to wealthier people through generations. As a result, brands are associated with high value and high status through the years.


Why branded clothes are expensive

15. Represents standard.

Designer clothes reflect the premium class of a person. It reflects a high standard. High standards come from expensive things one uses.

16. Brands have a loyal customer base

Branded clothes are expensive because they have a loyal customer base that will buy their products, no matter the price. They are ready to pay so brands are ready to charge.

17. Brands sell Status.

Brands do not sell only products. Instead, they also sell status. Status is bought by wealthy people to match their specific image. They, therefore, pay highly to maintain their image.

 Not everyone can buy and wear branded clothes, which gives a particular position to the brand.

branded clothes are expensive

18. No mass production.

Brands don’t go for mass production. They make 100 garments instead of 1,000, which increases both the cost and the retail prices. Printing a small number of items is more expensive than if you were to bulk manufacture.


To put it in a nutshell, high fashion prices are so expensive because that’s what shoppers want to pay for it. Consumers always equate the quality cost. It’s a fact for clothes as it is for food, gadgets, cars etc.

Some customers love buying clothes that are not available to everyone or they simply want to have the same dress and bag as the one they’ve seen worn by a celebrity or seen in a magazine/movie/TV show.

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