Dresses with different sleeve and neckline styles

When it comes to fashion, every part of a garment can be evolved to make or invent a different style.
As our article is about sleeves, so it's basically that changes in the design and formation of sleeves make a great difference in the style of that particular dress.
Sleeve designs can be altered in many ways as by adding ruffles, buttons, contrasting fabrics, adding extra volume, and length or making cutouts of sleeves. Simply sleeve designing is playing with the shape, size and length of sleeves to make it look more fun and stylish so that your dress looks different from the ordinary out there without struggling much.

Let's check out some very interesting sleeve styles

1. Cold Shoulders & V- Neckline

Cold Shoulders & V- Neckline

The dress shown in the picture is one with a cold shoulder strap dress. The design of the sleeves in this dress is designed such that there is an added ruffle over the cold shoulder design and thin straps are there to support the neckline. The neckline of the dress is unique with two simple frills crossing over each other and making a V neckline.
It's a regular fit dress with length below the knee. It has a non-stretch fabric that is sheer and has an added lining below it.

2. Slit Sleeves & Pleated Round Neckline

Slit Sleeves & Pleated Round Neckline dress
As the name explains itself it has a slit down the centre that uncovers part of the arm. Slit sleeves are usually long sleeves cuffed at the end or sometimes left open, in the picture the dress shown has 3/4th length sleeves with slit style that are knotted at the end for closure.
This dress with an over cherry print has a pleated round neckline. It has a belt to tie at its waist and fits perfectly.

3. Puff Sleeves & Square Neckline

Puff Sleeves & Square Neckline

Puff sleeves are also known as Balloon sleeves. Puffed sleeves are gathered and stitched at the shoulder and puffed out in the middle and then stitched together at another end of the sleeves. The length of the sleeve may vary depending on the need.
You can see the picture to understand the design in a better way. The neckline of the dress is a Square neckline that looks wonderful and runs behind over the shoulder and has thin straps fastening at the back with a medium cutout style neckline.

4. Ruffle SleevesRuffle Frilled Shoulder Sleeves

Also known as frilled sleeves, these are prepared by assembling small pieces of fabric to add layers and volume to the sleeves. These frills are sometimes pleated or simply gathered around the sleeve. The number of frills depends on your sleeve length. Ruffles add statements and volume to your sleeves. You can add one to five ruffles as many as you want.

5. Sleeveless & Choker necklineSleeveless & Choker neckline dresses

To make a unique style, you can simply eliminate the sleeves from a dress, making it a sleeveless dress. It's good to go in the summers and looks attractive on toned arms.
The neckline design is unique, forming a choker style with two thin straps running behind the neck and fastened into a knot to support the style.
At the back there's a big oval cut out style, making it a partial backless dress. It's a beautiful party style dress and you can uplift your style by pairing it with high heels.

6. Cape Sleeves & boat neckline

Cape Sleeves & boat neckline

Cape sleeves are not to be confused with Cap sleeves. Cap sleeves are small sleeves like expansions at the shoulder whereas Cape sleeves are similar to capes, these are long flowing sleeves from the shoulder to the arm.

These usually cover your arms completely and as such don't hem your arms in any manner.
The neckline with these sleeves is usually boat neckline and small as the design of the sleeves has to be adjusted according to it. The boat neckline is wide in width and less in-depth.
It is a knee-length dress with sky blue colour and an all-over print.

7. Bell SleevesBell Sleeves Tie Cold Shoulder V Neck Dress

These sleeves are stitched like a normal sleeve, and at the wrist, a bell-like frill is attached to the sleeve. It gives a flared look to the sleeve end. This design turns the simple design of a dress into modern trends. Bell sleeves are customized in so many methods and styles. Bell sleeved dresses give you a classy look. The curvature of a bell sleeve flared can vary; it can be huge to a small one.
The neckline design for this beautiful dress is a deep V- neckline that makes this dress look more attractive.
These variations and styles of sleeves and necklines are in trend, you are surely missing out on the important angle of a wonderful outfit if you are not trying these designs. Selecting and customizing different designs of sleeves and necklines for your dresses will make wonderful outfits for you. Why stick to old and boring styles when looking attractive is just so easy without extra effort. Try these beautiful dresses without any doubt.

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