Go Ahead of Curves: The Top 10 Women's Wear Dresses Trends

The new designs for the women's wear dresses include bold colors, playful patterns, and skin-baring cuts. These 10 trends are taking over the runways and are expected to be major players in your spring and summer wardrobes! So go ahead and try something new with these trending looks!


Women's Wear Dresses Trends

1) Longer hemlines

Longer hemlines are on trend. From lace-up high-rise skirts to pencil skirts with peplum detailing, hemlines have lengthened considerably and are only continuing to get longer in style. Do not be afraid to try out a few new lengths in your wardrobe; long hem lines can look fabulous when paired with heels or boots that tie up at your calf. You can also opt for a wide belt as an added accessory to help lengthen your body.

2) Bigger sleeves 

Sleeves are always a hot topic during fashion month. In fact, last year it was about coats. But for spring 2022, bigger sleeves in different fabrics were a major trend at New York Fashion Week shows. A wide-sleeve sweater is perfect for transitioning from winter to spring, as it helps keep you warm but also looks great with tights and sandals.

3) Tighter bodices

As it turns out, form-fitting is back in style. A tight bodice adds to a voluptuous bust and emphasizes your curves. This can be achieved by wearing an A-line dress with a fitted bodice or pairing a bodycon dress with some form-fitting accessories like tights, belts or headbands. A variety of shoulder styles are in fashion too — from off-shoulder to halterneck to spaghetti straps.

4) Whiter details

A more natural look paired with lighter colors is making a splash in women’s wear. Brighter whites and pastels are replacing solid blacks, grays, and dark browns on spring fashion runways and in designer stores worldwide. This trend will keep coming into play until we see darker colors dominate for fall. That doesn’t mean you have to totally give up on color; just choose brighter shades like turquoise or bright pink rather than deep red or burgundy.

5) Less frills

This year, sleek women’s dresses cut straight across or have a cinched waist are in vogue. Form fitting and body-conscious, these dresses give your curves more emphasis and ensure you get lots of attention. If your weight is a concern, less frills—trimmed down, in fact—will give you an alluring look. Whether you are looking for an evening dress or special occasion dress , go ahead and flaunt what you’ve got!

6) Bigger pockets

Bigger pockets are making a comeback in women’s wear. Big, bold pockets are great for casual dresses but can even be worn with business casual attire as well. Try some from Radhella's Collection or your local boutique and don’t forget to try them out with a pencil skirt! If you can’t find one that suits you, don’t worry!

7) Ruffles all over, Please!

Ruffles are having a major moment in women’s wear. We're seeing them on tops, skirts, dresses and even shoes! They're not just confined to feminine pieces either. There are ruched men’s shirts, too! It’s not hard to see why ruffles have taken over. They’re soft and gentle, but they don't skimp on volume or height.

Women's Wear Dresses Trends by radhella

8) Lace detailing 

Lace detailing is a great way to add feminine texture and volume to your wardrobe. You can find lace on dresses, shirts, blouses and even sweaters! When adding lace to your outfits it is important to keep in mind that you should balance feminine looks with masculine ones.

9) Pencil skirts - Yes please!

If you're looking for a versatile, go-to outfit, pencil skirts are what you need. These narrow but fitted pieces in solid colors and silhouettes that flatter your frame are great for any occasion and have an extra feminine charm about them. You can make your pencil skirt into anything you want it to be with a little bit of styling; try wearing tights or leggings underneath, wear with heels or flats—the options are endless!

10) Mermaid dresses - So hot right now!

Mermaid dresses were definitely one of our favorite trends from last year, and so we’re pretty pumped that designers continue to work on making them even better! Many dresses are still long—as they should be—but some now feature a high-low hemline. Instead of starting from your toes, these new styles start at mid-calf before flaring out at your ankles. This lengthens your legs and highlights every bit of leg you have!

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