How does a complete wardrobe look like?

If you are looking to curate the perfect wardrobe or revamp your style you must start with a clear plan. While perfection is subjective and can never be achieved in a true sense you still can have a completely fulfilling wardrobe. What makes your closet perfect? Everything boils down to selection, versatility, and comfort. You need to invest in the clothes you like 100%. If you are in doubt about a purchase then you might end up not wearing it at all. Call it a perfect wardrobe when you got covered for all occasions. While it might look like a great idea of having many options but you can still pull it off with two or three choices. The key is to "Mix and Match" different elements in a harmony to create a distinct look. Here is an outlook of a "perfect" wardrobe.
How does a complete wardrobe look like


Jumpsuits are easy to wear, easily elegant, and capable of conveying a strong message. It follows that a full-length jumpsuit is very likely to be included in the list of closet essentials. Jumpsuits never go out of style, irrespective of whether they are manufactured of denim, leather, nylon, or silk. A jumpsuit is always a stylish choice if you're going to a more laid-back occasion, such as a cocktail party or night out with the ladies. There is truly a jumpsuit for every style and event, with color, shape, and cut to flatter every appearance and body.


Jeans are an integral part of your wardrobe. A pair of well-fitted jeans that accentuates your lower body is important. Dark denim is a must-have. Your closet should also have space for Indigo denim, faded denim, or light denim. Along with fitted jeans, you can try having other kinds of trendy loose-fitting denim too. Denim keeps you ready for casual occasions. Jeans go well with shirts, t-shirts, jackets and so many other things.

Wardrobe Basics for Women

Button downs

A solid white shirt cracks the deal. Versatility along with authenticity packed together. Pair it with formal checked pants or denim according to preference. But why just white you can have other elegant formal shirts for suitable occasions. New abstract prints, floral prints, and multicolored shirts will set you on for casual parties and outings. Play with different sleeve lengths. However, your closet should have basic colors like white, black, and blue.

Crew neck tees

Crew neck striped t-shirts can be a lifesaver in fashion emergencies. Plus you can wear it with jeans, skirts, and shorts. If not a lot but an adequate variety of these can be fulfilling for your attire. Remember "Mix and Match" elements to create a different look altogether. The taste of color and patterns may be subjective. Different styles like v-neck, round neck, and polo T-shirts are basic pieces of clothes you should own.

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Layering always works if done well. For relatively casual events you can go for denim jackets, bomber jackets, or other styles. Blazers, suits, and coats are inclined to a formal appeal. The variety of jackets is large. It is not quite budget friendly and possible to own them all. However, get a pair or three fashionable jackets to slay casual parties. Formal dressing is a different topic altogether. Always go for quality over quantity. It would be best if you tried investing in jackets because the good ones can make you stand out.


Winter is not the only season for sweatshirts. It has become an iconic piece of styling. Solid-colored sweatshirts especially white would do wonders. Turn up the sleeves for that casual chic look. Sweatshirts look cool when paired with denim or co-ord bottom wear. Neutral colors and minimal styling suit well in this section of fashion. It can be worn in season and is the hot pick for casual dressing around the street. You should definitely have a couple of them.

Ankle length trousers

An elegant and effortless way to enhance any formal or semi-formal outfit is with a classic pair of black ankle-length trousers. To ensure all-day comfort without appearing like a vagrant, just choose to pair it with an easy, flexible cloth. These trousers may easily complement any body type and are quite adaptable. Consider straight-cut, slim-fitting pants with ankle button plackets. It's a pair of vintage-inspired pants that will look great on you.

Traditional suits

A gorgeous suit is an essential part of any Indian woman's collection and is an effortless way to add glitz to any occasion. Make a particular choice of color that enhances the tone of your skin. For a more glam appearance, pair this suit with some big earrings. Pick a gorgeous Chikankari suit with some sophisticated embroidery if you want to add a healthy dose of ethnic clothing to your regular attire. First, salwar suits are the more popular type, followed by Anarkali suits as well as salwar kameez.


There are a few bottom pieces that are crucial to any woman's sense of style when discussing wardrobe staples. A knee-length, solid-colored skirt gives you a more feminine and charming option than jeans or pants. This essential item strikes the perfect balance between casual and formal wear. It is also adaptable enough to go with a variety of blouses, shirts, or t-shirts, making it both fashionable and appropriate for the workplace. A-line skirts, buttoned skirts, tennis pleated skirts, and pencil skirts are all options to choose from. Pleated midi skirts, denim, tailored, jersey, and satin are just a few examples of timeless fashions.

Mini dresses

mini dresses for women
Through several generations of women, the significance of the Little Black Dress has been emphasized. The little black dress is an easy and intrinsically gorgeous alternative to choose when putting together a stunning outfit for an evening or a night out in the city, or when there is little time to prepare. The hottest mini dresses on the market are versatile and look fabulous from day to night. Stock up on a variety of short dresses that are designed to make you seem stylish and up-to-date.
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