How to balance comfort and fashion in office

What is fashion?

In the olden days, clothing was done for practical purposes. Over the years, wearing anything has become a form of art commonly called fashion. Fashion has made its place in every segment of life. While it is indispensable in parties, cinemas, and colleges, its importance in the office cannot be denied either. This is a new segment of our life that has been changed by what we wear.

Once upon a time, the suit, tie, and loafers were the typical business-friendly attire. Not much could be changed in it. But today, a lot has changed.

Why follow fashion?

Do working women have no right to pursue fashion trends? Why should their clothesline be boring or monotonous?

Proper fashion makes the working women feel good, but it also creates an impression on the boss and colleagues and can act as a stepping stone to success.

How to balance comfort and fashion?

Tips to add fashion to office wear

Office dresses for women

1. Switch your plain shirt for a fashionable women's shirt to bring a complete change in the look. You can opt for pieces which has subtle prints and are not too bright for your eyes. Many options available here. You will be spoiled for choice.

Keep other pieces in your look neutral.

Thus a fashionable dress can add a new look without compromising on the comfort level.

 2. Pop up the look with a bright color scarf.


Neutral colors are often associated with office wear, which becomes tedious at times. A colorful scarf can do wonders. It can uplift the whole look. Pair up your daily comfortable wear with a beautiful scarf to give a fashionable look.

3. Go for heels


Get rid of the myth that flats are comfortable and heels are not. Some heels add to the fashion quotient of the outfit. Choose a block heel, pencil heel, or kitten heel from a good brand and wear it comfortably the whole day.

 4. Get your clothes tailor-fitted

Reasons for your clothes feeling uncomfortable is often the ill fit. Proper fitting always enhances the comfort level. Every woman's body is different from another. Sometimes the clothes' fittings and cuts make you look like a fashionista.

Pay attention to the length and silhouette of your clothes, and then get the needed alteration done by a good tailor. A good fit can make any dress look classy.

5. Do not show too much

Avoid showing off your skin in the name of fashion. Skin show in the office can only add to the discomfort level. Such clothes might be in style, but they are never for comfortable office wear. The universally flattering length that exudes class is the hemline above the knee. Do not wear a low-cut neckline. Go for a scoop neck, v neck, or square rounded neck.

6. Do not overdo with accessories

Office dresses for women

Accessories add up to your outfit and also give it a personal touch. But one needs to be very careful with what accessories one wears in the office. Too much can spoil the look and affect the comfort level.

 No accessory can make it look dull, while too much can make it less classy. It is advisable to wear one statement piece, a necklace, earring, or a bracelet and skip the rest.

 7.Wear the proper undergarments

Ill-fitting bras and panty lines can spoil the look of most fashionable clothes. Be very careful with your undergarments. They are equally crucial for comfort and fashion.

Do not go for pieces that show lines under your dresses or skirts or the bra strap which shows off.

 8.Go for high-quality fabrics.

Fabrics of your dress are of utmost importance. Never compromise on the quality of the material. High-quality fabric enhances the comfort level and adds to the classy look. The significant difference between designer clothes and fast fashion clothes is the quality of the fabric.

 Never opt for low-quality clothes because cheap fabrics contain a high percentage of artificial fabrics like polyester. They tend to get a lot of static electricity, which clings onto the body, thus making it uncomfortable and none classy.

 9. Add style to your hair.

Hair is our crowning glory and needs to be taken care of. Find a new style for hair but remember to keep them simple. Always keep them streamlined and neatly done.

 10. Add variety to your wardrobe.

Striped Knee Length Office Wear Dress

Maxi dresses and midi dresses can be a comfortable classy wear to the office. Elegant striped knee length dresses can never go wrong.

11. Floral prints.

On some days you can opt for floral prints to bring change to your style as well as your mood.

Elegant office wear con come in floral prints which looks cute and classy.

Create the right balance between comfort and fashion.


One of the common beliefs is that you need to choose between style and comfort. If you select the class, you are devoid of comfort and vice versa.

There is absolutely no truth in this. Style and fashion can go hand in hand. You only need to choose the right fit without compromising on style. Fashion is constantly evolving, but comfort remains constant. Be smart to blend your style with comfort in the proper manner. Give yourself the classy look with the right blend of comfort and fashion.

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