How to dress for your body type?

People have been really "woke" with body positivity awareness lately. The body type or shape depends mostly on genetics, gender, and lifestyle. Fashion demands confidence and love for own style. You can be dressed in an absolutely lovely outfit but cannot nail it unless you love yourself in that. It is about fitting, colors, patterns, and fabrics as much as it is about credence, conviction, and comfort. The female body type is about the skeletal structure and muscle distribution. To elicit appealing laud from the beholder being friends with your body helps. Knowing your body type not only allows you to pick suitable clothing styles for you but also identifies your comfort zone. Each time you want to step outside of it you must first trace the area. Here is a guide to style according to your body type.

 dress for your body type

Pear/ triangle

A Triangle body shape can be described as a comparatively more comprehensive lower section than other body parts. It resembles a pear. Choose bright colors and abstract attractive prints on the top half. Proportionate dressing that balances the body shape by elongating it cracks the deal. The narrower shoulders are counterbalanced by wider necklines and fuller sleeves. Structured tops add balance to the upper body. Layering with jackets can add more volume. A-line skirts and waistline jackets would be a great fit. Dark color bottoms specifically wider-leg trousers will complement sprightly animated top wear.


Hourglass body shape has equally balanced upper and lower parts of the body. The narrower waistline and fuller curves are already a lot of feminine types. Go in for the fit to flaunt your feminine body. Peplum tops and wrap tops will match well. Fitted jackets, fitted tops, floral dresses, and boatnecks will be best. Avoid unstructured or baggy clothes. Play around with flexible sleeve lengths. Tank tops, cropped silhouettes, bomber jackets, and fluttered sleeves all can be good options. High-waisted jeans, skinny jeans, and low-rise styles would complement the body shape really well. Any oversized clothes like cardigans, jackets, and baggy shirts will not do justice to your look.


The proportion of the upper and lower body is almost equal giving a more athletic shape. This cannot be termed particularly curvy. There is a wide lane of experimentation with rectangular body types. The key is to add volume either up or down. Intend to draw attention to wider shoulders, structured body shape, and waist. If you choose an oversized top pair it with skinny trousers. Or if wearing a more fitted top dress then experiment with kind of wider leg trousers. Halter neck, racerback styles, crew neck, high neck, etc will suit this body type. Avoid outfits that go straight flat from top to bottom. Mid-rise jeans can highlight the waist more.

How to dress for your body type


While the apple and inverted triangle body shapes are almost similar there is a minute difference. Both include wider shoulders than hips but the apple shape has comparatively more mass in the midsection. A-line silhouettes, button-ups, and v-neck tees are power pieces. Streamlined jackets and well-fitted tops that help you dress proportionally help a lot. Opt for pencil skirts and other dresses that hit just above the knees. Trench coats and any vests would suit perfectly well. Classic trousers with cropped ankles would look classy. Avoid tight-fitting clothes that highlight the wider midsection.


If you are particularly skinny and lean you should be aware of do-s and don't-s. Long Maxi dresses would look very pretty on a skinny body type. Choose vibrant and bright colors. Avoid too-tight body-hugging outfits if you don't want to show your slimmer body. Vertical stripes should be avoided as well instead go for horizontal stripes. Accentuate your legs which peg trousers or wide-leg pants. Experiment with layers of clothing. Baggy clothes go well with your body type. Other attires such as ruffles, a-line skirts, abstract prints, and flared pants can help create an illusion of curves. Here, styling slouchy is the key.

There is no written rule for fashion. Trends come and go and these trends are basically mixed and matched up with unorthodox styles.

There is some recommended styling advice according to natural body shape. However, that should not stop you from experimenting with your fashion. Sometimes sticking with the basics is the golden rule and other times coming out of your comfort zone. Your fashion is about you, not about the world.

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