How to style peg trousers?

Stretchable trousers, closely fitted and tapered off towards the ankle are peg trousers. Peg trouser is the synonym of versatility. The fit is generally wide around the hips and enclasps the lower body perfectly. The peg trouser trend has popped up this season. From boho-chic look to formal at a glance, peg trousers are very adaptable. There are stunning ways to combine these trousers with top wear. Cotton designs for office business meetings, wool fabrics, and silk tops for parties can be paired up to complete the look. To create a balanced look it is important to get the perfect fit for complete body proportions. Sometimes it gets tricky to style peg trousers but here is a guide that will help you choose the best.
How to style peg trousers

  • Find the perfect fit

Peg trousers are really comfortable. The alignment of the waistline detailing adds subtleness to the style. It is of utmost importance to find the perfect fit for you. You would obviously not want the fit to be too tight or loose. This trouser silhouette is elegant and effortless. The cropped extent draws attention to ankles and footwear. Make sure the length is not high or sag too much either. Peg trousers also provide enough volume and space under the haunch section which eliminates the possibility of bulges. Finding the fit should not be a great deal of effort. However, the complete perfect look can be achieved with great fitting only.

  • Jackets

Jackets can be paired up on top with these trousers. Generally, longer jackets would do the job well. Blazers on the other hand can fix your look for the office or business meeting. You can play with contrasting or complimenting colors whatever suits the best. A black leather jacket paired with solid black tops and white trousers can set your look on fire. Match the overcoat with a cropped top and let the high-rise waist do the magic. However, it is recommended to not try too baggy clothing on top of peg trousers.

  • Formal top wear

Pair up your peg trouser with a crisp clean solid colored shirt to create a formal look. You can tuck in the shirt. Flaunt your ankle with elegant platform heels. It can be your perfect workwear option. The overview seems to be so classy and smooth. Play with colors and match accessories. The fabrics make you look clean and fresh. The overall appearance is so harmonious with off-white shirts. For a semi-formal look try pair of loafers. Another option can be to match both top and trousers with different shades of similar family color. Add an overcoat or blazer to take it a level up.

 style peg trousers
  • Casual top wear

The tailored structure that runs straight to the hem of pants and roomy shape around the waist make these trousers one of a kind. You can keep the style inclined to the casual side. Cropped blouses and tops with styled sleeves are bang on the best fit for peg trousers. Solid cotton buttoned shirts and fancy blockish tops can be of great use as well. Tank tops and high neck tops can be an amazing choice too. Bright colors such as red, pink, white, and mustard display the playful edge of a casual party or outing. The funky waist belt is a side thing that contributes to the chic look. These trousers are not only good looking but very light to put on and breezy.

  • Accessories

The fun part about styling is it's not just the clothes that you wear but also the subsidiary accessories you carry that add minute tang. Some outfits require rigorous add-ons while some look fine with minimalistic additions. Sunglasses, sleek hand bands, and watches should be enough to season things. Try carrying a crossbody purse. Keep the jewelry and bling side lighter. An appropriate sunglass will definitely complete the look. Wear footgear in accordance with the style of dressing. The high ankle style hit hard with low-cut sneakers and loafers. The formal look would definitely demand stiletto, wedge heels, or any kind of platform heels.

Peg trousers can come in handy and be a great addition to your closet.

The versatility makes it very desirable if you like to dress formally and relax in casual attire. Look from the most lively collection of peg trousers on Radhella at the most affordable price range.

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