Reasons for the latest trend - online business becoming the real business

Before the coronavirus and pandemic, everything was different. Every field and every person experienced a drastic change during and after Covid-19. It affected the way of living, way of working, way of shopping and way of doing business.

The world has changed drastically after the Covid-19 era. Working from home has become so common, travel and tourism have dropped and our meetings are mostly online, and many other events have started happening online.

 However, all these factors are not negative, there is a bright side to it- a lot of individual sectors, industries, and even entire sectors have made the coronavirus epidemic an opportunity. One of these sectors which have experienced a positive impact is the Textile Industry.


Internet-based Textiles Industry: Transforming Trouble into Opportunities

The post-Covid-19 era has created huge Internet opportunities for the textile industry. The online textile industry saw an increase in several cities and states in India because of the lockdown to stop the coronavirus-caused pandemic spread.

It is known that clothing is one of the primary needs and necessities following food. It's nothing less than any other essential commodity. And that's the reason why even during lockdown the online textile industry saw sales increase.

Textiles Industry

 Lockdown did not have any negative impression on the industry of online textiles due to its operation within the virtual world, leaving no place for physical or human contact to spread coronavirus throughout the country.

The industry of online textiles even has seen an increase in sales due to the absence of dependence on the offline sector like wholesalers, semi-wholesalers, wholesaler retailers, middle-persons and so on.

Reasons why online stores are popular

1. Easy and time-saving Shopping

The most convenient part of online shopping is its time-saving aspect, making it perfect for those people who have busy lifestyles. Being busy they can't visit the high street regularly. Instead of spending hours visiting multiple shops, you can easily buy products online by just a couple of clicks.

New changes are always taking place to make online shopping faster and faster. To mention a few of these changes in recent years: quick purchase buttons have been added to allow account holders to buy products with just one click;

Buyers need not fill in their details every time they make an online purchase as there is an automated account details facility. All these changes and up gradation have reduced the total amount of time needed for online purchases to seconds.

In case you need anything urgently you get some options for next day delivery with extra cost. With passing time one thing which is becoming very precious is time. Some people have everything but time with them.

 2. Various Designs and Patterns

When you visit a store no matter how big it is there are some limits to the stock available. This limits the options one gets to choose. The online purchase gives you an unlimited choice of fabrics and patterns. Customers can choose as per their taste and get the product at their doorsteps. You can even compare the prices which is not possible at an offline store.

 3. More brands to choose from

There are many brands which are good but they don't have physical stores, they cannot afford it. People living in small towns get access to products which are available in stores located in big cities only. Every brand cannot have its store in every city or town. Then there are smaller brands that exist online only.

 4. 24/7 shopping

Today most men and women are working. For working people the best part of online shopping is that they can shop 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Earlier one had to wait for the weekend or rush to the shop after work. Now everything is at your fingertips. You can shop in between your work before going to bed anytime anywhere. You can shop in your office dress or night dress. No worries. Life had become easier.

 5. Detailed information

While shopping online you get to know the accurate depiction of the product. This is not possible at stores. For example, if you want to find out more about the ethics of the company in question, you can get all of this information online, an aspect which you would not ordinarily be able to find in stores.

One can always read the online reviews which tell about the quality of the product in question from customers who have already used the products. This can provide good guidance in selecting the purchase. This information is not available in physical stores. You have to solely depend on your own perspective and the sight of the product.

 6. Home delivery

Online Shopping from Radhella

If you purchase items from physical stores or choose to shop in-store you'll need to make a second trip to the particular store to pick up the item when it is in inventory or is delivered to the store you have chosen. Home delivery is one of the most appealing aspects of shopping online. The best part is that you're capable of having your purchases delivered directly to your residence or to a PO Box which is an excellent alternative for those who do not have homes, such as military personnel.

This makes shopping online more convenient since you can easily find the item you are looking for from any place and, with options such as next-day or same-day delivery, get it delivered right to your doorstep. This is particularly beneficial for people who have difficulty walking long distances or have an impairment that stops them from commuting to shops as often as they'd like to.

Many online retailers are now offering free delivery to addresses all over the world which means that you don't have to worry about adding cost to your purchase and also reduce the expense of transporting your goods to a physical place. The home delivery service makes returns simpler than ever before because all you have to do is to request a return to the site. It is picked from your address and the refund is credited to your account. You can also opt for an exchange for different colour or size.

Online retailers are to be the Next Unicorns in new India.

With an ever-growing and growing trend in the online textile sector, companies that are present on the Internet have a great chance to be the Unicorns (a firm valued at more than 1 billion dollars) of the new age of India.

 The lockdown was put in place in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic and during the time of summer, many customers were making their summer purchases online since retail stores were not permitted to open to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. With all of these changes being in place, companies in the online retail sector also experienced an increase in their revenue reports. The online textile industry is one of the reasons that are valid for the birth of new unicorns in India.

During the lockdown, all shopping was carried out via the online method and the majority of the shoppers were satisfied with their online shopping experience. From choosing the products to testing them out, the return policies were an ideal situation for those shopping on the Internet since customers were at ease purchasing items online.

It is predicted by numerous experts in the field of textiles that the trend of growing revenues within the online textile sector will continue in the coming years as well. This means that the arrival of online retailers Unicorns is near.

Reasons to sell online:

Reasons why online stores are popular

Slowly but surely India is becoming digital. With more and more people opting for online work it is sure to stay in the coming future. Online retailers have a tremendous scope if they can reap the benefits.

 1. Customer Reach is high

Billions of people shop online. You can't imagine having this number of people in your store. Online business is very powerful. When you display your products on your online portal it is viewed by people all over the world. Communication systems have improved greatly to make possible delivery of products to any part of the world in a short period of time. So, there is no obstacle for a customer to purchase the fabric of his or her choice. It is estimated that more than 50% of buyers shop online at least once a month.

2. Virtual Store & Adaptation

 A sign of a good businessperson is his web presence. Online shopping is equally good for sellers and buyers. While buyers can shop without going anywhere, sellers can sell without renting a place or a shop to display their products. They save the cost of purchasing or renting a place which would earlier cost them heavily. All that is needed is a picture of the product. Just upload it on the website and everyone can see it. 

The Pandemic made the importance of online shopping more obvious. Those businesses which adopted a new style survived whereas those who did not, failed.

 3. Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is the need of the hour. Most of people are online most of the time. They see what is shown to them online. Offline advertisements fail to reach the masses. Online products catch the attention of buyers quickly. The picture is very important in online advertisements next is the quality and service. Digital advertisements can go a long way in helping a business flourish.

4. To match the increase in demand

It is clear that the demand for fabrics is going to increase manifold. Supply has to increase to match the increased demand. Having an online fabric store is the best way. When your business reaches more people it results in more customers and hence more profits.

History has shown that those who adapt to changes survive and those who remain old-fashioned have to close down. It is important to change your perspective.


If you want to add online branches to your physical stores, this is the best time.  From making it possible for independent stores to blossom without investing in a physical location, to allowing customers to access the most accessible and the cheapest deals, the internet gives numerous advantages to the consumer that can change for better the way that you shop.

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